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Multicenter Trials Committee

Purpose: The multi-center trials group is open to all members of the WTA and was formed in order to review and/or research areas of trauma care where large numbers of patients are needed to answer clinically relevant questions. Studies performed and published by this group have a very high citation index in the Journal of Trauma.

Chair: Carlos Brown, M.D.

Membership: Open to all Members of the WTA

Meetings: Semi-annual Winter: Tuesday at 6:00 during Annual Meeting Fall: During AAST Meeting

Publications to Date: 29 published, 2 in submission.


  1. Enteral Nutrition in the Open Abdomen: A Prospective Observational Study (PI: Clay Cothren Burlew [])

    Data sheet

    IRB Form

    University of Colorado Approval Certificate

  2. A prospective multicenter evaluation of the transfusion of shed thoracic blood in trauma. (PI: Gary Vercruysse [])
    Data sheet
    Original approved IRB submission
    Consent & PHI authorization form

  3. Chest Tube Use in Trauma. (PI: Michaela West, M.D., Ph.D.[])
    Project Summary

    Study Protocol
    Data sheet
    Waiver of Consent Request
    IRB Approval Letter

  4. End-tidal CO2 vs. Plasma CO2 in Hemorrhagic Shock  (PI: Eric Campion, MD [])
    Site Information Sheet
    Data Dictionary
    Data Collection Form
    Denver Health IRB Submission Example

  5. Blunt Bowel and Mesenteric Injury (PI: Michelle McNutt, M.D. [])
    Case Report Form
    UT IRB Application
    UT IRB (CPHS) Approval

  6. Wilderness Falls - A Novel Injury Demographic and Mechanism (Co-PIs: Andrew Bernard, MD, and Matt Bernard [,])
    Study Description
    Data Collection Form
    IRB Approval letter
    WTA Handout
    Kentucky ACS Wilderness Falls Poster

  7. Current Diagnosis and Management of Pancreatic Injuries (PI: Walt Biffl [])
    Data Collection Form
    Scripps IRB Application
    Scripps IRB Waiver
    Scripps IRB Approval

  8. The Role of HIV in Post-Injury Coagulation (PI: Rachael Callcut, MD [])
    Project Summary
    Data Collection Form
    UCSF IRB Outcome Letter